General translation

Certified translation of documents
Certified translation of adoption papers
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"If a translation attracts attention, it is mostly because it is bad. We normally do not realize that the text is a translation
if it is a good one."
Jürgen Kern, former president of the translators association BDÜ

Specialised translation

In addition to linguistic competence, specialised translations require sound technical knowledge. After I had specialised in technology and economics during my studies, I have gained almost 30 years of experience with legal texts after taking my general
oath before court.
In the field of engineering, I have translated numerous specialised texts for renowned electrical engineering groups, the automobile components sector and the medical equipment industry. I am also familiar with the field of medical translations - and with my husband being a general practitioner, I have always an expert advisor at hand.

My main areas of work are:  
Engineering Medicine


technical specifications


expert opinions

-  operating manuals -  medical certificates
-  technical documentations -  instructions
-  procedures and work instructions -  medical articles
Business & Law


legal papers

-   contracts
-  documents
-  adoption papers